Roxy Music — Could It Happen to Me?

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Текст Roxy Music — Could It Happen to Me?

Do you know what it means to me
To delight in your company?
Could it happen to me?

Do you know what I’m certain of?
I would love to fall in love
Could it happen to me?

Hey, won’t you look at me?
Now I’m cracked wide open, I can’t conceal
My all-over trembling, I’m acting strange
And while you’re out of reach, I never change

God knows, I’m beside myself
If a tear’s a crime then I must confess
My guilty secret, I’m not ashamed
Take me as I am, an average man

Oh boy, is it getting rough
When my old world charm isn’t quiet enough
I’d throw you cantos, I’d jazz ’em up
When I lay me down, you don’t pick up

What’s more, it’s a crying shame
Only this time no one but myself to blame
All I touch turns to dust
It’s right there in my cards, I ought to cut

Let us sing of the tortured heart
And the lonely soul in this world apart
As he plays a fear, takes a little pain
And move our separate ways again

Is it easy to say, «I do»?
At this moment, I love you
See beyond me, it’s true

Now that evening is closing in
Should I light that fire again?
Could it happen to me?
Did it happen to you?