Roxy Music — Mother of Pearl

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Текст Roxy Music — Mother of Pearl

Turn the lights down (Way down low)
Turn up the music (Hi as fi can go)
All the gang’s here (Everyone you know)
Its a crazy scene (Hey there, just look over your shoulder)
Get the picture?
No, no, no, no. (Yes)

Walk a tightrope (Your life sign line)
Such a bright hope (Right place, right time)
What´s your number? (Never you mind)
Take a powder (But hang on a minute, what´s coming round the corner?)
Have you a future?
No, no, no, no. (Yes)

Well I’ve been up all night again
Party time wasting
It’s too much fun
Then I step back thinking
Of life’s inner meaning
And my latest fling

It’s the same old story
All love and glory
It’s a pantomime
If you’re looking for love
In a looking glass world
It’s pretty hard to find

Oh Mother of Pearl
I wouldn’t trade you for another girl

Divine intervention
Always my intention
So I take my time
I’ve been looking for something
I’ve always wanted
But was never mine
But now I’ve seen that something
Just out of reach, glowing
Very holy grail

Oh Mother of Pearl
Lustrous lady of a sacred world

Thus even Zarathustra
Another time loser
Could believe in you

With every goddess a let down
Every idol a bring down
It gets you down
But the search for perfection
Your own predilection
Goes on, and on, and on, and on

Canadian club love
A place in the country
Everyone’s ideal
But you are my favorita
And a place in your heart, dear
Makes me feel more real

Oh Mother of Pearl
I wouldn’t change you for the whole world

You’re highbrow, holy
With lots of soul
Melancholy, shimmering
Serpentine sleekness
Was always my weakness
Like a simple tune
But no dilettante
Filigree fancy
Beats the plastic you

Career girl cover
Exposed and another
Slips right into view
Oh, looking for love
In a looking glass world
Is pretty hard for you

Few throwaway kisses
The boomerang misses
Spin round and round
Fall on featherbed quilted
Faced with silk
Softly stuffed, eider down

Take refuge in pleasure
Just give me your future
We’ll forget your past

Oh Mother of Pearl
Submarine lover in a shrinking world

Oh lonely dreamer
Your choker provokes a picture cameo

Oh Mother of Pearl
So so semi-precious in your detached world

Oh Mother of Pearl
I wouldn’t trade you for another girl