Rabbit Junk — The Best Revenge

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Текст Rabbit Junk — The Best Revenge

Every species on the planet
Waits in a traffic jam
In the passenger seat sits extinction
Poised to take hold of the wheel
And turn the car into oncoming traffic

Is there really time
To get it all right?
If we wait any longer
It feels like suicide
Let’s go
And not just hope for the best
We gotta put it on the med
‘Cause nature has the best revenge

You know I do

Will somebody tell me
Is it all just a big trick?
Is there nothing money can’t save you from?
Or does god have a hand in it?
Or does it all come down to
The status quo?
I got my other priorities
I let my instincts go

I just can’t shake the feeling
Like it’s all gone wrong
I feel it sitting next to me
And it won’t be long
‘Cause when you’ve reached the top
And you’ve grown too strong
There’s only one thing to rely on
And that’s self-destruction