Rabbit Junk — Millenial Pox

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Текст Rabbit Junk — Millenial Pox

Ice cold hand of your newest enemy
Smell the fear as the bodies grow sweaty
The strongest god is the deity of the petty
In the pantheon of isolated passions
He wins
For the city sings its prayers to him
With every silent prejudice
And every warm smiling bias
The sky turns heavy and humorless
We’re redefining our sentience
In the golden age of loneliness

(Enola eb ot eafs saw ti thguoht nehw tsuj)

And you think you’re doing it
You’re doing it, you’re doing it right
And then like freshly opened eyes
Exposed to broad day light
S this feeling or convincing?
Or is my gut misleading
All control is an illusion
And all compassion is a drug
Smile on drip
Pull the goddamn plug
Long live the cult of thug, amen
I’m walking down the streets of Los Emptiness
I step over the ghost of hope still restless
And you think you’re doing it
You’re doing it, you’re doing it right
You keep your mind tight
To keep the mood light
Don’t let yourself show
Don’t let the others know
It’s all just pretend

My greatest friend
Is a black box
In the golden age
Of loneliness

In a world where men become demons
And women into witches
All realness is fleeting
How easily it all switches
With great overtures of friendship
That don’t mean shit
When you’re about to be somebody else’s meal ticket
And the irony is that it feeds the leech
That keeps us out of reach
You can not teach
The broken glass on the beach
Set to lacerate
The heavy soles of fate
Just when you thought it was safe to be alone