Michael Franks — Vivaldi’s Song

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Текст  Michael Franks — Vivaldi’s Song

Lady, when you love me
I feel home, Sweet-home
Inside of your Sublime
This Garden’s, sure to grow
You know our love,
Is just like Summertime

Parrots, eye the fruit,
And we make love
Between the harpsichords, and lutes?
Our greenlimbs, intertwine,
You know Our love,
Is just like Summertime

Our souls collide
We slip and slide
We feel no pain
And with our lives, locked together
We weather the Wind and Rain
We grow the Farm
We’re safe from Harm
Inside this Circle of Summertime
Both of us know is our Love

Lovers from the past
With poison smiles
All pray, our love will never last
But we… are Trees not Vines,
You know our love
Is just like Summertime

As… the song begins
These shipwrecks fade
Behind a wave of violins;
Vivaldi, made us rhyme,
You know our love
Is just like Summertime.