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Agent Schrader, I’d like you to meet Andrew Coffman of the Adobe Hotel

Hey, nice to meet you

Nice to meet you

Paul Canterna of Canterna Real Estate

Hey, it’s a pleasure

Good to meet you

And Gustavo Fring of Los Pollos Hermanos

How many times will they say I’m the smoothest

Truth is I’ve never not moved this way

My trench coat leather, my shoes are suede

Beg you don’t step on my Pumas, babe (baby)

Walked ages in these trainers

But I ain’t trip when they losing faith

You know I been tested without a question

While they on net doing Q and A

She say I’m a son of a gun

But really miss me like she shooting strays

It’s cool, it’s great

But it’s more fun when you use your waist

Made in the manor like Kano

Where the able yutes are moving ‘caine

Searching for P’s on my P’s and Q’s

Man step out the queue you can lose your place

And I seen it bro, ain’t you see I’m the CEO?

Teaching my team how to aim for the head

Ain’t no wasting no lead on no knees and toes (don’t waste it)

Briefings in the board meetings

With the G’s dem but they been involved

How you ain’t end up on street with bro? (Huh?)

Only Jesus knows

But still I’m here counting my blessings

I ain’t account all the lessons

Found out in the drought just who got man

Use one hand when I’m counting my bredrins (bredrins)

Can you really doubt I’m a legend?

All the hours round the clock that I put in

Do the eyebrow like The Rock when they looking

They can smell the shit Knucks is cooking


Gustavo Fring of Los Pollos Hermanos

Please, just Gus

Hi, Gus

I’ve gotta tell ya, you guys make some killer chicken

Thank you very much