KnuckS, Venna — Alpha House

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Текст KnuckS, Venna — Alpha House

Young bull at the top of the block with the white front door and the corner subtle

Cool, but he always in trouble

Why you think his bredrins called him Knuckles?

Ten years old in beef, dad thinks street’s takin’ over me


Mumsy prayin’ for me, but there ain’t enough beads on the rosary

Raised by the wolves from young, but still in the jungle like Mowgli

Always up front when the olders speak

So was never as dumb as ones s’posed to


Twos in the spliff by the lift

It be what it be and it is what it is

They said if I triеd it, they wildin’

And kickin’ my shit ’cause it isn’t for kids


4th floor’s wherе my ting would’ve lived

If her fam’ never moved out to Harrow

Her dad was a pastor and marj was paro

I’d take her daughter off the calm and narrow


Yout with the peppercorn, yeah

I know it seems kinda deep, but they thoughts was shallow

Spent my whole life on the market as the target that they point they arrows

Control it, then I pass it to Paolo


Young kick abouts on Albert Road

Coach said «Come down to trials»

‘Cause I could have got scouted, but I was at home

Or I was outside with the homies


If only I could’ve advised me now

But even if I was down and out

I still come back to Alpha House