JGRXXN — Don’t Hate On He

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Текст JGRXXN — Don’t Hate On He

Yeah yuh
Ayy mayne, this goes out to all the niggas who been cheated on
But check this out mane
Instead of you gettin’ mad at the nigga
Mayne you need to get mad at your btich mayne
You know what I’m sayen?

Mayne I’m innocent, I never touched your bitch
Your bitch she touched on me and that’s a difference
I’m a cool nigga, but please don’t test my pigment
If she run up on you please believe I’mma smash her (hahah)
I don’t try’na impress ’em
I just finess with a lecture
JGRXXN a beast when it come to the sheets
Beat a pussy out of frame till the bitch leak
So if you nervous I understand
I mean, I would be too

Yeah mayne, I’m tellin’ y’all mayne
Don’t be mad at the nigga

[Bridge x2]
You’s a pussy boy
Mayne [?]
You was hard as fuck
Until you fell in love her
Mayne, knam sayen?
Y’all niggas make no mufucken game mayne
She ain’t busy?
Mayne she busy goddamn on another nigga mayne