Guapdad 4000 — Lake Merritt

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Текст Guapdad 4000 — Lake Merritt

I’ve been up for four days, yeah
Running through this jungle in my thoughts
Me and you tried to get right like four or five times
Just take me to that place to get right
It’s cool every time
Lets go to the lake, ooh
Smoke one to the face, ooh

I’m fresh off a scam, you know that
Sliding that credit, it’s stolen (Slide)
Hop in the whip and we rollin’
She never been out to Oakland
She ain’t never seen the ocean
I’ma pour up a drank, that’s the potion
Fully automatic loaded
Diamonds wet, water soaking
By the lake, I’m just posted
Doing the scams in the rental
Sophisticated, i just make it look simple
She wanna be in my life
Baby, save the games, that’s for Nintendo
Ashin’ the wood out the window
New Cartiers on my temples
You might just catch you a vibe
I’m doing that shit that you’re into
That vintage Chanel what you’re into
Pushing the whip, yeah the Benz coupe
You the shit, need tissue
I kill whoever give you issues
That’s on my mama and them
They don’t want problems with them
Know my persona’s a pimp
We can so slide for a whip
We can go take us a trip
I just might insert the chip
Show you how I get a bag
Show you how I get this cash
(I scam)
Show you how I get this cash
(I scam)