Apathy — Underground Chick (Acapella)

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Текст Apathy — Underground Chick (Acapella)

Wanna go for a ride?
She’s the one for me, she’s all I really need
She’s the one for me, she’s all I really need

I’m a warrior, straight outta hell
Leave pools of blood with bodies fell
I’m Azrael, poison your well
Hijack your ship, hoistin’ the sail
I’m captain Ahab chasin’ whales
I’m getting locked and make ya bail
I found the grail, filled that with ale
Hit rails and still here to tell the tale
I’m D-E-M-I, I rep that G-O-D-Z
I rock that .35 and 7, my light so bright you can’t see
I leave you with third degrees, body prepped for surgery
I just inject circuitry, writing in they perfect bleed
I’m such a rebel, rebel rouser, radical, reppin’ rowdy
Retarded rappers rockin’ Rainers hats and pushin’ the Audi
I beat up pussy so loudly, that all these chicks grind around me
I wish you would try to clown me
I let off rockets like Saudis
I’m screaming

She’s the one for me, she’s all I really need
She’s the one for me, she’s all I really need
Emptiness is loneliness, and loneliness is cleanliness
And cleanliness is godliness, and god is empty just like me

These bitches love me, wanna surf me
Telescopes help them observe me
God above ’em, gotta love ’em
Gotta teach ’em, gotta fuck ’em
High on dick, orgasm hard
I beam ’em up, I’m Captain Picard
I’m massive and large, I’m the master in charge
Like amass, like amesses the passionate broads
To the passenger back at the dash of the Dodge
Go faster to smash her then ask her the odds
To the god, what attack of the back might fracture
That Ap might blast her with pollywogs in the face
In the grill
With this rap shit, I kill
Dismember, remember the end of the world coming real soon so be still
Don’t move, don’t breathe
Be quiet, believe
You trippin’ if you thinkin’ that I’m trickin’ [???] with another trick up my sleeve

She loves to get high, and listen to my shit
Sexy motherfucking lil underground chick
But her friend don’t know no Apathy songs
Her friends don’t know no Demigodz songs