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She was only seventeen
Had the saddest pair of eyes that you ever seen
Wore them lips in the cold, it was matching green
But she can’t be herself when she’s somebody else
In the morning, she would take her mother’s wedding ring
But school got pretty tough when they see it gleam
So she hid herself under the mezzanine
Re-enacting scenes, yeah

She dreamed she’d go to California
There everyone would adore her
And all her mates will call her
‘Til four in the morning

Is there any life on Mars?
Is there any life on Mars?
Is there any life on Mars?
Yeah, yeah

Every morning she would wake up with another plan
Yeah, her Mum and Dad, they couldn’t understand
Why she couldn’t turn it off, become a better man
All this therapy eats away gently at the side of her mind that she never had
Yeah, this story told too many times, it makes me sad
I bet the author made a fortune out the autograph
Give her the money back ’cause