YoungBoy Never Broke Again — Overdose

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Текст YoungBoy Never Broke Again — Overdose

I ain’t no bad person, no
Ayy I ain’t no gangster, ain’t no killer
I ain’t no gangbanger, I’m me
Like everybody make mistakes, that’s life
Name one fuckin’ person who ain’t make mistakes, you feel me?
Man, like we, I don’t know what to say
I don’t know if I’m targeted
I don’t know if it’s from what I speak about, like I don’t know
I just know shit, until I’m dead I’ma be me
Yeah, yeah
And they ain’t never seen this shit before (Yeah)
(Ooh, BigHead on the beat)
Young nigga shit
(Bitch) What, what
Bitch, gang, gang, blatt, blatt, brr
What, what, what, yeah, what, what
38 Baby

Without no coat I was walkin’ and meditatin’ in the rain
Reminiscin’ ’bout bein’ in prison, I was locked in them chains
Without no drugs, I was workin’ and stimulatin’ my brain
I ain’t got to act how I was actin’, everything done changed
I was missin’ out on plenty shit, just watchin’ time fly past (Phew)
I was broke, down on my dick, I had to get me a bag (Brr)
Havin’ shootouts broad day and we was runnin’ from task (Bap, bah-bah-bah)
I put my flex down, never sit down, I told that bitch I’ll never stand down
Creepin’ on your block with a hundred rounds (Whew)
Go to shoot and try to run (Grr)
Hop out the whip and we gon’ run you down (Bap, baow)
Shoot him dead up his head, knock off his dreads
Now he can’t make a sound (Boom, shh)
Kill him where he stand, we live by law and we gon’ lay it down (Lay it down)
Tell me he want smoke, 187, that’s that same shit
.357 send you to Hell, knock out your brain quick (Yeah)
Sippin’ on this drank, RIP Fredo, this that bang shit (That bang shit)
Doin’ the same thing, time pass, got a bitch with a fat ass
I told her turn around and bust it open (Bust it open)
That Soulja Slim, that C-Murder, come in the tank just like a No Limit soldier (Word, word, word)
I’m poppin’ X so I’m steady rollin’ (Steady rollin’)
Say he a gangster, got his chest out
When I hit him with this Glock I bet I fold him
None of these niggas ain’t never play with me (Who?)
Play with me, I bet you see
Fuck that Twitter beefin’, you want beef, I pull up where you sleep (Baow)
Bitch, I’m out the North, 38 Baby, I come from the streets (Gang)
Two clips on that chopper for to stretch you when we fuckin’ meet (Brrt, bah)
Got ’em all boxed in at the location, the police movin’ in (Man)
People tryna catch me with a pistol just to turn me in (Turn me in)
Same shit you did to go to jail, don’t do that shit again (Yeah)
Bitch, I’m screamin’, «Fuck it, never change, thuggin’ to the end»
I got a question, tell me what these niggas hatin’ for? (What they hatin’ for?)
Why they steady sayin’ they gon’ snatch my chain though? (Snatch my chain though)
You want to rap, how you gon’ think without a brain though?
Take gunpowder out a bullet, put some crack, now this that ‘caine flow
I’ma hit ’em with this bitch and watch ’em overdose (Shoot ’em up yeah, yeah)
I’ma hit ’em with this bitch and watch ’em overdose (Fill ’em up yeah, yeah)
Overdose, I kill ’em slow
What’s the 4-1-1? They know YB, I be ’bout whatever
You ain’t got no bodies, you ain’t ’bout it, boy, you are not a stepper
You play with me, bitch ain’t no hidin’, ain’t nobody can help you
Send your ass to the Devil, in envelope like a letter
Got a FN with a clip with different colors up in it
It’s all bronze like a penny, only see fire when I spit it (Grrah)
I ain’t shoot this bitch in a minute, a nigga play, he can get it (Baow, baow)
Double G, that stand for, «Gang,» you niggas know how we livin’