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Yeah, ha
Ladies and gentlemen (Ha, Yeah)
You got money and then bitches
You had it, you lost it
You leased it, you flossed it
Business fell through now ya coming up off it
He bought it, he rolled it
He passed it, you smoked it
Now you’re fucked up off some weed mixed with coke shit
You love her, you hate her
You fucked her, you raped her
Twenty-five to life ’cause you can’t control ya anger
It’s heavy, it’s deep
It’s solid, it’s weak
Things people say about your records in the streets (Check it)
Be careful what you wish for

You fuck around and get it
I did it, got in it
Spit it and didn’t waste a minute
So where my niggas at?
What part of the game is that?
I paid my dues now nobody trying to pay me back
And if they did I would probably have as much as Shaq
My life is the movie so listen to the soundtrack
This what its all about
You better stall me out
And feel the aim of the name you niggas calling out
If you feeling how I’m feeling
And you ready and willing
To come to the table

I put it together who doing it better
Come bounce with me (Come on)
You can smoke a whole ounce with me (Right on!)
Take em out!
If you moving how I’m moving
And you chosen and proven
So lose the illusion
The top guns cue the confusion
Come bounce with me (Come on!)
You can smoke a whole ounce with me (Right on!)
Take em out!
I’m tired, I’m hungry
You’re lazy, disgusting
You lay around my house and ya never do nothing

I seen it, believed it
Planned it, conceived it
Missed me with the bullshit bitch I don’t need it
I cheated, you cheated
We cheated, so beat it
Eat it like a dick bitch you too conceited
I broke it, replaced it
I slammed it, I chased it
Hands in the air if ya love getting wasted baby!
You never seen us before
You better come and get it
You with it, I’m with it
I’m busy baby you fucking with it
Is it your place or mind
Don’t wanna waste your time

And you can get it how you want it it’ll blow ya mind
Its over time
Taking pride in the bump and grind
A hit from behind to leave you with a broken spine
This what its all about
You better stall me out
Its just the game of the name you bitches calling out
Pop it, drink it
Float it, sink it
You plan to stop me then you better rethink it
Drive it, use it
Pimp it, abuse it
The shit motherfuckers do to hip-hop music
I live it, I die it
I’m laughing, I’m crying

Pop two of these bitch, lets start flying
I hear it, I taste it
I touched it, I faced it
Breaking down the bullshit back to the basics
I had to kick in the door
That’s how I had to get it
I shitted with lyrics
And getting better for fucking credit
Getting gangsta with it
The best that ever did it
Hit it and quit it my nigga
You shouldn’t babysit it
We need more emcees and less wannabes
Three hundred and sixty degrees of reality
That’s what its all about
Kill ’em and haul ’em out
Now feel the aim of the name you haters callin’ out