xxavyr — Dancing Without Me

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Текст xxavyr — Dancing Without Me

Mmm, dancin’ without me

I can’t see without ya
Can’t manage without уа
I’ve never been too proud of
The way I walk when I walk with the doubts of
Whether it’ll be any reason to doubt ya
Whether I achieve all the things I set out to

I know I can be hard to sell to
But everybody’s dancin’ without me
I can’t sing without you
But everybody’s dancin’ without me

Ooooooh, all around all around me
All I do is stand on a mountain
Makin’ all these plans to amount to
Someone you love and you know my name, been
Runnin’ away ’cause I had to change oooooh
Everybody’s dancin’ without me

Oh-ooo-oooo-oooo, ye
And now they dancin’ without me
I stand around while they dance all around me
I can’t help feeling antsy to crowd-please
I ran out all these answers to why
All I do’s fantasize of these fans all around me
Ooh ooh-ooh ooooh ahh, yeah, yeah

And now they dancin’ without me yeah
Ohh, ooooooh
Ye they dancin’ around me oooo-oh
Yeah, answers (ooh)
Answers, and they dancin’ around me

I can’t sing without ya
Everybody’s dancin’ around me