Wiley — Bow E3

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Текст Wiley — Bow E3

It’s me, Eski-Boy
Bow E3, all day long, hol’ tight Maniac
You know we do this
Oh my days, certain man tryna say like…
I don’t rep E3, I’m not E3
Are you crazy, I’ve been doing this
I went to Bow boys, I’ve been doing this for so long
Like… It’s amazing how you can say that

My names Wiley, I come from ‘Bow E3′
The whole of E3’s got so much talent, I hope you see
I know E3 so well, If you ask me Wiley speaks for the whole of E3
You can’t say that, Scorcher won’t make nobody bow to his foot, I ain’t Wolf Pack
Boy Better Know E3, won’t just let another donut MC disrespect E3
I’m always tryna rep ends but certain friends on end they don’t know E3
Cause when it’s reppin’ time, I show E3
We made the genre everybody’s on but, it’s all come from Bow E3

It’s Wiley aka Eski-Boy I’m from Bow E3

You get me… That’s why
And certain man are tryna say like Eski don’t represent E3
I’ve been doing this for so long…

It doesn’t make sense tryna say I don’t represent…
You get me!

Yeah, I’m from Bow E3
The tek 9 boys in his waist hold face, better know E3
When the war starts not many roll E3
And I’m still alive, say Bow E3, didn’t know E3, Hello E3
In summer 2-7, I was show E3
I’m the Grime kid, pussyo, know E3
I’m a soldier so let’s go E3
It’s Umbrella, not SHO-SHO E3
So, anyone from E3 who says their shower, don’t lie, we know E3
It’s not hard, anybody tryin’ it better just stop, I’ll let the leng go E3

Can’t chuck a ting, I’m a pro in E3
Your girl’s the ho, I’ll be free
Not mine cause mine don’t come from E3

You get what I’m saying…

You can’t tell me that man don’t represent E3
I’ve been doing it…
Ey, Hol’ tight the man dem, hol’ tight the girls, hol’ tight the women, men

Uni, Chinese that’s Bow E3
I’m the past E3, your just low E3
The girls ain’t dumb in Bow E3
They’re like us, they all want dough E3
They might link on the one away, when the suns gone away
It’s all good that’s Bow E3…
And I know she sees, when I walk past the house, I know she sees
The boyfriends cars outside, you can never be an outsider
I’ll be safe with a girl from Bow E3

I know E3 and beefs just putting on a show E3
I put on the best show E3
I know E3, I wrote E3
Like I don’t care, my names known in E3
Pricks, I ain’t done nuttin’ but represent Bow E3

You get what I’m saying
I am so Bow E3, you would not believe me
Like I’ve been doing this stuff for so long
Like Bow North Monties estate, Bigley Park
Like Candy Street, all these places, Roman Road, Stevens, Cheddagars, Mooreville, Marlebury
Like Beggars Road
Like everywhere, please
You can not school me
It’s Eski-Boy
And I rep for ‘Bow E3’
And you can’t chuck a ting in ‘Bow E3’
You know who else reps… Gods Gift and Rascal