W.A.S.P. — Last Runaway

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Текст — W.A.S.P. — Last Runaway

The morning glory poured down on me
Stars were in my eyes
Desperate a babe in teens
I was scared to death of
What I’d find of
On borrowed beds of nails I wailed
And I’d lose control
So shamelessly so starved to be
Down on this orphan’s road
If time runs away tomorrow
There’s nowhere left to hide
To the promised land

The roads I ran
But nowhere left to ride
The last runaway tonight
Has come home
And I’m running from the night
Oh, from where I roamed
It was the best days of our lives now
The world was ours to run
The last rumaway tonight
(The last runaways alive)
I’m coming home
The price of pride bled down on me
And ransomed my soul
A broken boulevard of dreams
Like misfits and their broken toys
A runaway a slave in chains
I’d lose control

So painlessly, so hard to see
Down this beggar’s road
In the land of lost and make believe
We shiver from the cold
Lay down my head
And hear no voices
My face so bold
Turn my back And feared redemption
Like a thief I stole

Escape this place erase my shadow
Lord don’t wanna lose my soul
And help me Lord to make it
This weight’s too great to lift my soul no more
Just one last chance to change it
Give me back the life I can’t wait to live
Na, na, na, ooh na, na, na
Ooh na, na, na, ooh na, na, na