W.A.S.P. — Hell for Eternity

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Текст — W.A.S.P. — Hell for Eternity

Where ya gonna run
Ya never should have come
But welcome to the ball
My hands on the trigger
My guns getting bigger
I’ll introduce you all
Won’t you say
Hello my little friend
On your knees
And pray to die
Oh, you’re gonna burn tonight
Hell — kill’em to Hell for Eternity
Oh, tonight

Hell — send’em to Hell for Eternity
Oh, it’s allright
Nothing’s gonna save ya
Oh ya better pray — to
Whatever God you want
Yeah I’m a killer
Oh I’m a thriller
I’m Godzilla with a gun
(Repeat bridge)
(Repeat chorus)

Oh don’t you cry
To your God for mercy
Oh woah you’re gonna die
Like a shot from my gun
You’re gonna burn, burn, burn
Yeah you’re gonna burn, burn
(Repeat chorus)