Vanilla Ice — Hip Hop Rules

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Текст Vanilla Ice — Hip Hop Rules

Hip Hop Rules
and if you didn’t know
Hip Hop Rules
I kick the Ill Flow
Hip Hop Rules
I’m breakin all the news
Hip Hop Rules
From old to the new school

Big black skinny Nigga
6’4″ with the .44
I got the slow flow it sound like coke dough
In the Benzo smokin on Coco
My blood Niggas say I’m true Vatos loco
For real had a Land Cruiser before my deal
Then I copped a 400 Lex and I’m set
Moving through the projects like Tyrannosaurus Rex
Shootin Tex at sets make a Ho clits wet
Now I cash big checks tryin to own assets
Built like the Aztecs
Why you Niggas ass bet

Remember Ice Ice Baby
Drove you crazy then I was big as Jay Z
I got paid and I got swayze
Eatin shrimp with my feet up made me lazy
I bought about 10 cars about 5 cribs
Out in the woods nobody knows where I live
Got a beautiful wife and two kids
But I’m married to Hip Hop and that’s how it is

It’s been a long time since you seen me
On the TV V-ICE is here for Sheezy
Takin what’s mine
Cause it’s my time to hit ya’ll with a new style of ryhme
This is Hip Rock it can’t be stopped
Bomb tha System
Straight to the top
Millions of Dollars I been spendin em
I love rap, I paved the way for Eminem
Needless to say I rap back today
Ya’ll forgot about me like ya’ll forgot about Dre
But I’m still here
With no fear I say what I want and make sure it’s clear

I play ball break jaws break all types of laws
Militant cause haters wanna kill me with a cause
Feel me
I been nice since the P was free back when KRS was runnin shit
wit BDP
I spit Rapnology wack rappers follow me
Let me take you to my Shaolin temple where scholars be
Studying Astronomy and the world’s prophesy
Giving sight to the blind enabling them to see
It’s me GOD equal 4 plus 3
Coped a 6 with the V for the year 2G
Stay blowin on trees, How many guns? 23
But it only take one to make you history
My clan hold me nobody control me
So fuck a PO and being Parolee
I write solely light grey Roley
Not the Bible but I lead a church of Niggas Holy.

I’ve got Dawgs up North
I’ve got Dawgs down South
I’ve got Dawgs that’ll smack blood out of your mouth
Then lick they hand
It’s the Darkman brother number 12 from the Wu-Tang Clan
You heard me on Jizza you heard me on Deck
That was me with ODB that bust a Tek
La and Vanilla want money like Rockefeller
If not I’ll have to pop a fella

I’m the Illest Caucasian, Rhymes blazin
I went 17 platinum, amazin
Now just listen to the sound I kick
Chillin with my man La, watchin Gangsta flicks
Don’t ask why ? I cheer for the bad guy
Maybe it’s the Hydro, I’m so high
Or maybe it’s the Xtasy gettin the best of me
The Industry keeps on testin me
But I won’t fold I’m just too bold
One thing about Ice I stay Cold