V3nja — Whine

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Текст V3nja — Whine

Aaah aah aah
V3nja oh
Whine, Whine

Baby you dey scatter my mind o
I no go play you like a banjo o
I wanna fight for you (fight for you)
I wanna fight like ah Rambo
(Slow whine)
Slow whine for your Daddy yo
Gimme this, gimme that with your body o
Oh my baby yo oh
No dey let me down

Let me see wey you go do?
Come and whine for me slowly
With that body on me baby o
Oh your body fit dey touch my soul
Well my baby finna just slow whine
Whine whine
Finna just slow whine
Whine whine
She wanna give it to me (V3nja oh)
Wanna give it to me
Aahaaaah aaah aah