$uicideBoy$ — Degeneration in the Key of A Minor

Слушать $uicideBoy$ — Degeneration in the Key of A Minor

Текст $uicideBoy$ — Degeneration in the Key of A Minor

Living on this earth is parallel to living in hell
I can’t seem to break the spell
Detach my soul and separate my cells
Let my spirit dwell inside another realm
Throw my lifeless body down the haunted wishing well
My carcass starts to swell
The explanation’s that I fell
At the hour of my death make sure they swing from broken bells
Wipe the blood off of my face but leave the stains on my lapel

Horrifying images on replay in me mind
Come take a walk with me and see the other side
Counting down the days until me sacrifice
Secret seances me feel the poltergeist
Come and play down by the river
Got 59 killers in masks
Scarecrow deliver the pull of a trigger
While you f- die and I laugh

Hear the sounds
Demons surround
Swell from the ground
Feel the flames
We drown in pain
Let’s die in vain, man