Tyler, The Creator — GROUP B

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That’s all I wanna do

Ayy, yo

Bucket hat like I’m Gilligan

Hit Wallace, I just ordered a Cullinan

Milkin’ the cow, what are you niggas uttering?


Churning the butter, sensitive niggas crying

Stepping in puddles in them new (Giannos, nigga, come on)

The team I’m assembling, you trembling

We in a circle huddling, fumble and we coming in

Tackling your empire, it’s Robert crumbling

One nom’? Huh, shit is humbling

I’m a fucking jumbotron, juggernaut

You a G? No, you’re not

New balloon, watch it p-

Concave on a skateboard

Don’t do surfboards, I don’t ride waves

Been around forever, Murray’s Pomade, nigga

Been like a decade, yeah, haha, uh, ayy, yo

Keep it buck, I switch it up


You niggas don’t, that’s why you stuck

I needed seven figures, hit Australia, pick it up

Find some young twink and get my nipples sucked

Bad yellow bitch look like pimple pus

Bad chocolate bitch look like Lionel knuckles

Y’all got too much baggage and I pack light, Louis trunk

Luggage double C, emeralds double V

Uni tee, but the sweater vest is me

Lemonade, elderflower with the rose

Sony re’d up, I’ma split it with the bro, yeah



Niggas like, «Act your age, T, you trippin’»

Pushin’ thirty, but the skin say different, well

If I act my last deal, I’m probably twelve

I put some niggas on, nigga set a lob

Then they hurt theyself, niggas Cheddar Bob (Pew, pew, pew)

Foot is on the gas, I ain’t letting off (Skrrt)

Every car is gas, pissing Greta off

And they Group B and the leather soft

And I knew the cow, and he better off dead

One take

It’s like 7 a.m., haha