Tom Waits — Blow Wind Blow

Слушать — Tom Waits — Blow Wind Blow

Текст — Tom Waits — Blow Wind Blow

Mary’s on the black top
There’s a husband in
The dog house
In the middle of a shakedown
I got quiet as a church mouse
She found Raleigh’s on
The dashboard
Sugar daddy caught a polocar
Ain’t no solitary

Tap dance way down here
I swear I’s ridin
On a field mouse
I was dancin’ in the slaughterhouse
If you swing along the beltway
Then you skid along the all day

Cause I went a little crazy
And I sat upon a high chair
And I’m smokin like a diesel
Way out here
Blow wind blow- blow me away here-
Blow wind blow (repeat)