Tom Odell — Queen of Diamonds

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Текст Tom Odell — Queen of Diamonds

The casino floor is full of men so frightened
Trying to make good pay
To win or lose
We know just how our night ends
Gonna throw it all away

Oh, but suddenly you draw the queen of diamonds
And everyone around you turns to silence
Another plea to keep the repo man from dialing your name
Again and again

You think of all the gifts that you would give her
Trying to make her stay, oh
And you remember all the love she carried with her
Like a bitter cheap Champaign

Now that’s history, you’ve drawn the queen of diamonds
It’ll be limousines and Caribbean islands
You can’t wait to see her standing there just smiling
For a change, change, for a change
What a fools game, oh…

Those whiskey drinks, they give you your ambition
While the bar ladies, they work for their commission
But it doesn’t stop a sucker like you wishing, and away

Oh, how can it be you draw the queen of diamonds
It was limousines and Caribbean islands
What you didn’t see is the dealer, he was hiding an ace
An ace, what an ace
What a cruel, cruel game, oh…