Tom Anthony — Hold On

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Текст Tom Anthony — Hold On

From behind an open door
An imaginary roar
A terror never felt before
Just hold on

In your midnight reverie
If you face catastrophe
Whatever horrors you may see
Just hold on

And I will be there through the night
I’ll bring a shield and watchful eyes
And I’ll defend you til the light
Returns, so hold on

If you can’t find the one you love
And if I am not enough
I know the waiting can be rough
But hold on

And though you can’t appreciate
This tender ache that you create
Until your sadness dissipates
I’m here, so hold on

Hold on
Hold on
Just hold on
Hold on

As long as you keep holding on
I’ll clear a path for you to walk, my son
And as long as I’m on the earth
I’ll be a ladder you can climb, my girl

And though thieves gather in the dark
And I carry scars from my share of sharks
You know it’s hard sometimes to see the spark

But when the world steps forth with its’ secrets bared
I know you’ll find yourself well prepared
And when your powers finish forming, kid
You’ll make it further than I ever did

So hold on
Just hold on
Please hold on
Hold on