Them Moose Rush — Bliss

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Текст Them Moose Rush — Bliss

I was walking all alone
Thinkin’ of the times before
You would call to just debate on
Later preach about the love
We would share a common thought
Then you’d cry and separate ’em

You’ve been scratching through my dough
You’ve been laughing on your own
Should we call the operator
You don’t tell me what I saw
Makes me bleed into my soul
Someone call the operator

Now I’m swimming of the shore
Vibrant colors creep me out
I am tired operator
I was thinking what she saw
I was lying on the floor
I’ve been crying operator
Can’t you see that I am sore
I’ve been leaning towards doors
You’ve been watching all along
You’ve been screaming let’s go home
C’mon save us Operator!

Painted leather on your coat
Smells like freedom in the court
Confiscated not debated
I’ve been walking like a dog waiting for your sign alone
I’ve been getting out of radar
Cause I’m snoring way to loud
You’ve been sleeping in my car
Someone call the operator