The Voidz — Johan Von Bronx

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Текст The Voidz — Johan Von Bronx

Don’t forget the wrong guy in the lineup
Tryin’ hard to be strong always rolling over
I will try to guitar out, quoting scripture
Soon you won’t have memories, only pictures

Wait back, the time is not right (o-o-oh)
The chase is much better at night (o-o-oh)
I wait for the time of his high (o-o-oh)
My ego is quite out of hand (o-o-oh)

Watch the flames go out
Soon — No, now that’s my mission
I’ve taken away your natural purpose
That is what a loving—selfish, loving human does
That is what it sounds like to an insect

Hold that trial by night
I’ve been sitting with him all night
Hold my ears it’s wrong
I can’t listen to this too long
Pitchforks, fires in hand
I can’t turn it around tonite
I want to get back
Back to where I can sleep at night

Wait for the back of his heart
Lesson learned
I’m trying but maybe too hard, like an Eskimo
I listen, but I — but I can’t — what I want to say…
My ego is out of control, yes I know

Please, can I go?
Can I hold it?
— It’s part of the show
It saves me 2 dollars if kids do the work
Can we shake it
Up in time? I don’t know

Destroy it
So destroy it
Just destroy it
Destroy it

Burn it down, to the ground