The Midnight — Monsters

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Текст The Midnight — Monsters

Put two beating hearts together
Stitched the seams and pull the lever
Strange desires, sparks and wires
I signed the dotted line
That tethered yours to mine
No anesthetic for hearts electric
Parts start to decay
When just your shadow half remains
The operation had complications
And the part of you that died
I’ll carry all my life
Lovers slowly decomposing
So it goes

It could’ve been paradise
It could’ve had diamond eyes
I held so tight that I lost her
We could’ve been fireflies
But that fire died
Dead and gone
I was wrong
Love’s a con
I’m a monster


Hope lingers on
After the one you love is gone
Thought I smelled your ghost in my winter coat
And our love became a void
Another echo in the noise
I can’t erase what we became

It could’ve been paradise
Could’ve been you and I
I played the fool
And you played the martyr
We could have been fireflies
But some fires die
I meant no harm
We were both wrong
Moving on
I’m a monster