The Hotelier — I’m Gone

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Текст The Hotelier — I’m Gone

I’m living and breathing
While every single chain around my body is breaking
My introspective train of thought keeps rolling and racing
While serotonin comes and goes like rain

I’m dreaming while waking
Perceptions and personalities are crafted from my own mind
While I combust and melt away, I see everything that I cannot believe
And I’m fucking gone

When the world is your mind erased and gray skies swallow everything
While you throw yourself away into memories that are bursting in your veins
Listen to the noise that you create with ears to hear the sounds of change
These frequencies carry more mistakes than any maniacal man ever could make
Through the air with wings you’ve grown from wires, as you fall from heights too great to aspire
Close your eyes and melt into the sea of sound waves in this beautiful machine
In this beautiful machine
In this beautiful machine

I’m crashing and waking
The sun inside my chest is swelling and bursting
From this feeling in my fingertips and streams out with breaths
Deep within my lungs