The Amazing Devil — Ruin

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Текст The Amazing Devil — Ruin

I will bring you ruin in everything I do
It’s never my intention, but it happens all the same
It starts with love and comfort, becomes a strength of will
But all that strength made rubble of the towers we built

‘Cause brick by brick, you built us and I’d fill in the cracks
Nothing quite prepares you for when they don’t come back
I wish I’d done things different, I wish that I’d been brave
I wish I’d known these stones were something I could save

Our mortar was your laughter
And you hurled curses at the land
We didn’t talk, we made universes
Out of bitten lips and broken hands

You said, «I love you less than when it all began»
And I said fewer ’cause I make jokes to show how broken I really am
And in the wreck of all we burnt, stands our piano like a wound
I play our song to see if it’s in tune (I’ll sing silence)

And you, you sit next to me
And your finger brushes mine
And I promise to be patient
And you promise to be, promise to be kind

‘Cause brick by brick, you built us of the earth, the silt and ground
«We can rest,» you say, «in the pieces of what’s left
Or what what we’ve found»
I wish I’d done things different, oh, I wish I’d made it right
But we’ll burn a hundred theaters
If it means we get the wallpaper right

I’ll, brick by brick, rebuild us
Out of how’s and why’s, not when’s
Nothing quite prepared me for when that piano sang again
Tomorrow I’ll do things different
Tomorrow I’ll be brave
Tomorrow I’ll be brave, tomorrow I’ll be brave
(You’ll make me brave)