Tenacious D — Friendship Test

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Текст Tenacious D — Friendship Test


Two Kings
Hey Kage
How’s it goin’
Good, good (What are you)
What are you doin’?
Oh, God, I was just, I was
I love you
What’d you say?

I said «I love you, man», I just wanted to say it
Dude, thanks, thank you, that’s awesome, fuckin’ awesome
I mean, uh, that’s cool you can say that
Don’t you have something to say?
Aw, I mean, I, uh, I like you, I like you too, dude
Whoa, whoa «like»?
Ho-ho-ho, man, I’m glad I fuckin’ did this test on you, the «friendship test»

No, man (What are you talkin’ about?)
That, what happened before when I said I love you, that was a test
Because, man, I could’ve made a total ass of myself if I hadn’t done this test on you
Hoo hoo (Wait, you don’t)
Boy (You don’t really love me?)
Dude, listen

You fuckin’ passed the test, okay? (Ha)
But barey, you know what you got? (Ho my god)
What’d I get?
F+, click