Swans — Oxygen

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Текст Swans — Oxygen

Oxygen: Amen! Oxygen: Amen!
I can breathe again. I can breathe again.
Oxygen -come in! Oxygen -come in!
Amen! Amen! Amen! Amen!
Black oil smoke
Thick blue sky
Dead red eye
Hear me cry
Eat my throat
Feed my mind
Yellow eye: Feel me cry
Take me now
Peel my skin
Scrape my vein
Seal me in
Break my bones
Dance and spin
Cut a hole
Feed me now!

I’ll steal all the oxygen!

Hey there Dog Man, now I drink from your bowl
Hey there Mr Skull, I’m not scared of your cull
Oxygen! Amen! Oxygen! Amen!
Breathe in! Breathe in!