Swans — It’s Coming It’s Real

Слушать Swans — It’s Coming It’s Real

Текст Swans — It’s Coming It’s Real

In the place where you lay, in the shimmer above
In the rust and the oil with your mouth full of mud
You run like a child through curtains of rain
In a room made of stone your future was made
There’s nowhere to run to, you forget where you’ve been
Your shadow is shrinking in the tightening lens
How many more years? How much time is there left?
All the rivers reversed while you counted each step

In the veins of the tree, in the strata beneath
In the polished chrome sheen, in the rebar and conrete
Reach up for the hand of the glowing half-man
Stand still on the edge of the greased precipice
Reach out in a tunnel of steel
Fall through, it’s coming, it’s real
Breathe in the glittering dust
Exhale, mindless

Rage on, helpless, reach out, sightless
Kneel down, fearless, rise up, righteous
Save us, formless, reach out, mindless
Save us, lightless, leave us, soundless
Rise up, righteous, save us, formless
Reach out, mindless, save us, lightless
Rage on, fearless, leave us, soundless
Leave us, soundless, save us, lightless
Reach out, mindless, save us, formless
Rise up, righteous, kneel down, fearless
Reach out, sightless, rage on, soundless