Suave-Ski,Jus Cuz,Apathy — Cut a Check

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Текст Suave-Ski,Jus Cuz,Apathy — Cut a Check

Dudes say they got a song and want me to get on it
But never leave enough room for me to spit on it
Probably terrified I’ll take a huge shit on it
Fuck the beat like a bitch then wipe my dick on it
They put they fam’ on it cause I go H.A.M. on it
Been nice since Cosmo D did Jam On It
Heavy metal fans paint a pentagram on it
Cause I’m so psychotic it study my bioptic
It’s for the money
For the whole scene

For the flow to make my veins glow green
Superhero rapper with an M-16
You only 16 biting Eminem’s 16’s
I’m pristine, spit clean like Swisher with Listerine
Listen to my syllables, invincible it seems
I’m invisible, a dream, a literal Nepheline
No one F with my team cause my breath turn to steam
From the depth of machines that power my lungs
I eat moons when I’m not devouring suns
Y’all are cowards and bums
Get overpowered and run
Got your whore on the floor getting showered with cum
Or covered with cow dung
You’re wondering how come?
Cause bitches is bullshit when they letting they mouth run
So what’s the outcome?
Shit you tell me
I’m at the crib, holla back, sincerely A.P

All I do is 1-2, microphone check
Show up to the show to spaz and catch wreck
Cut a check motherfucker cut a check
Cut a check motherfucker cut a check

Ayo my sophomore teacher would meet me behind the bleachers
Triple X movie with full special features
To each his own, don’t judge us secret lovers
Busted in the rubber, too young for baby mothers
Swagging in an old Volkswagen
Puff blunts like dragons
Varsity jackets, we had to have ’em
Bag ’em all up like groceries and bring ’em back to the pad
Where my room sports mad trophies
Suaved out, so you know the hoes approached me
My game too tight, the coaches can’t even coach me
High school phenom’ I put my whole team on
All the beat geeky ass chicks need to dream on
Homecoming king, do my thing with the queen bitch
Never did homework but still made the Dean’s List
I deem this way too rare for the common
You a nobody, should’ve left you in the condom
I fly past these helium filled rappers
Gassed up by all them yes men and actors
The fact is we appeal more to the masses
Ashes to ashes there’s no late passes

Cut a check I shouldn’t have to say much
To get it jumping like it’s 32 sluts playing double dutch
Inside of a V where the engine is dead as fuck
And they bungying off a cliff but not before licking my nuts
Hold up
My rival, is homicidal
I don’t understand who idolizing all the things that I do
I do not condone all your fuckery
So to them ass kissing rappers fix they lip before they pucker please
Now eat a dick off of some china white with some cutlery
I’m olly oxen, lolly popping niggas, bitch I’m sucker free
Middle fingers up in the air like an apostrophe
Ap’ told get in my bag, it’s a colostomy
Shitting all over you niggas it a colonoscopy
You damn right, just a regular asshole
We do not compare to shooting threes to a layup
There’s no hoes to a player, you niggas is Princess Leia
I’m Luke strapped with a bomb
At best you luke warm
I’m nuke missiles engaged to blaze and fully armed
Cause I blow up when I show up
I could throw up on your raps
And it still be the same, y’all regurgitating fags