Steven Universe, Zach Callison, Grace Rolek — Do It for Her

Слушать Steven Universe, Zach Callison, Grace Rolek — Do It for Her

Текст Steven Universe, Zach Callison, Grace Rolek — Do It for Her

You do it for him
And you would do it again
You do it for her, that is to say
You’ll do it for him

Keep your stance wide
Keep your body lowered
As you’re moving forward
Balance is the key
Right foot, left foot
Now go even faster
And as you’re moving backwards
Keep your eyes on me
Keep my stance wide (Good)
Keep my body lowered (Right)
As I’m moving forward
(Concentrate. Don’t you want him to live?)
Right foot, left foot
Yes, but put your whole body into it
Everything you have, everything you are
You’ve got to give
On the battlefield
When everything is chaos
And you have nothing but the way you feel
Your strategy and a sword
You just think about the life you’ll have together after the war
And then you do it for her
That’s how you know you can win
You do it for her,…