Son Lux — Live Another Life (Heal for Me)

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Текст Son Lux — Live Another Life (Heal for Me)

I’m done asking you to be healed for me
I’m done asking you to heel to me
I’m done asking you to breathe out
So I can breathe in, so I can be loudYou can leave me here
Just release me dear
Don’t live another’s life

If it’s not love enough
Go live another life
Go live another life

The shallowest shadow I, tried to become it
I’m becoming of something you’re wanting for fabely
We forage in make believe, make a Forrest with made up leaves
When you leave you always left your make up
There’s something left, it ain’t a guess
In invest in fate love
This ain’t love enough
Run away and run a muck
Shoulder not to be looked over
Stoops to better truths, leave me here to be shook sober
Done asking you to be healed, you done asking me to be still
Still I won’t heal to you, I’ve lived other lives
Seen scenes from their bitter views
I’ve kneeled in pews, pay for trues that’s don’t exist
My hesitance is heaven sent
Where’s the relevance, let’s bow out
Leave it in elegance, I’ve found out
Forced fates only cause quakes
In here pumping the breaks

If it’s not love enough
Go live another life
Go live another life

I’m beautiful but I’m dying
Ice weeping into sea
Silently at first, now it’s
Screaming out of me
Oh I can bleed right here
Leave a crimson smear on you
Won’t live another’s life
I won’t live another’s life

I don’t even know if this life I hold is still mine
There’s still time to decide if I’m worth the ride
Worthy of thee wait
If heartache is your art to partake in
Not decisions I’m making
Indecisive when intertwined with time, as fine as this
I decline to rewind, past tense is a miss
I bruise to kiss my muse is you
You move to prove that that’s useless
Soothed when swoon stay in tune to the movements
Against the groove, against the grain for the sake of the exchange
What if I proved pain finished the gain
Would you refrain from rekindling chemical flames?
Neither would I, just think I’m better in skies
It’s like I’m bitter on land, sounds like a hell of a lie
Go live another life, hop train stalls for better rides
Better odds, better off’s