Ski Mask The Slump God — Intro

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Текст Ski Mask The Slump God — Intro

I recorded it, I recorded it, hold on
Father, hold my hands and my soul tonight
No, I don’t care how we fuck tonight, yeah
Time to [?] and give me some [?]
Yeah, I ain’t goin’, and I ain’t goin’
Get me on my hands and we’re goin’ to work
They over here and they goin’ to work
Hold my hand and we’re goin’ to work
And I ain’t goin, I ain’t goin’


Huh, seven minutes of Heaven with my accountant
Talking ’bout me ’cause I’m best, I’m by the mountain
It’s the drought without everything you have won
We love ’em but just because my heart is a golden gun, uh
I mold, future that’s untold
Manifest my goals, relinquishin’ my foes
Incense, baby, hand me the sage
The negative energy blow at you, away, yeah
This cadence is killin’ me, should be put away
The people might think that they rehabilitate
I’m feelin’ conflict in my presence [?]
For bein’ a menace to pussy niggas’ feelings
With that said, humanity been dead
They treat us like we mechanical pencils who misled
And fuck the feds, someone [?]
So please call the coroner, this nigga dead