Scott Walker — Track Five

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Текст Scott Walker — Track Five

It’s a starving reflection if he dies in the night
Listening to the increase
It cuts out your likeness in blood circulations
Suspended beneath a release
A low volume force feed lower than pity
Slips across under the heart
And your hostage rewinding from every eclipse
Rolls in the voltage, run-off rain on his lips

We chew up the blackness to some high sleep
Travel a faster silence
One to go long again
In the going, gone again
Full stare passages striking less face;
Outside on the move a shattered heart pace
Greases the fade; sinking the blood back
Breaking to where loaded icons wade

Eyesides catch far awake
In a cols sanctuary
Pain sonics eternities
All through themoves
A first communication
Tears loose undelivered
And swims unassigned
In your dimmed latitudes
And the heat from the shore
Melts down to recieve us;
Floodlit foreheads
Howled open and so nearly blessed
As they soften round dog-joys
Of unfinished strangers
Rubbed out on a point