Scott Walker — The Cockfighter

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Текст Scott Walker — The Cockfighter

No, no, not my heart
Not the wrist! Not my heart!
Gone somewhere in there
I see the hairline, waking down- aroo!!!
There’s brushing along my legs
All sperm, God’s son
Clickety, click

It’s a beautiful night, oh yes!
From here to those stars
Feathers on the sides of my fingers
Beautiful night, oh yes!
From here to those trembling stars
And the feathers so fresh and the nerves so fresh

Do you swear the breastbone was bare?
I saw it, and made my escape!
Do you have any doubt he slept in that bed?
I can only repeat, I never saw him
Better listen, before you fly all over your man
You better listen, before I spill you in
If you could turn on your side, move your touch to the hip
Easy now, easy now
It’s a beautiful night
Garcia, a cigarette for the prisoner

That ribbon cracks like this one
And this one cracks like those over there
And those over there crack like these two
Bring those strutters, bring in those strutters
And that one cracks like these do
And these do just like this over here
And this over here, and out on the rim

All the calcium planets
Growing in the darkness
All over the body
The flapping body
Click clickety click
Clickety click

I had a green light for fifty thousand
It was the month of July
We had more in or going out
You were responsible for the rolling stock
I can only repeat, I never saw him in bed
Do you know what happened to most of the children?
She opened the tent to take a morsel of air
Before the sun came up