Scott Walker — Jean the Machine

Слушать Scott Walker — Jean the Machine

Текст Scott Walker — Jean the Machine

Whatever happened to Jean, the machine?
She used to live down the hall from me
And all of the boys in the band
Miss her so bad now, ain’t it pitiful?
She made her way from Hungary
A refugee with a voice like Callas
But somehow she couldn’t get on
So she took it off at the, the local Palace

(Jean come back!)
Why’d you go now?
(Jean come back!)
Things are slow now
(Jean come back!)

My landlady said Jean’s a commie spy
And each time I asked for the reason why
My landlady said it’s a front
She bumps and grinds codes to an audience of immigrants
It blows my mind when I think of Jean
Every night with a new routine
‘Cos I play drums in the band
She used me as part of her dirty commie plan

(Jean come back!)
We forgive you!
(Jean come back!)
Boy scouts honour!
(Jean come back!)
Spiro Agnew!
(Jean come back!)
To the Bolshoi!
(Jean come back!)
To your homeland!
(Jean come back!)
Bring the microfilm!

Thank you