Scorpions, Matthias Jabs — SLY

Слушать — Scorpions, Matthias Jabs — SLY

Текст — Scorpions, Matthias Jabs — SLY

She was born with a song in the air
In the summer of 85
The clouds just went and the day became so bright
A child of love angel like
With the most beautiful smile
Growing up to be the sunshine of my life
Come talk to me
Don’t run away
Don’t let the distance grow

The door’s wide open
Don’t ever think
There is no way home
Sly come home tonight
The world is so bad you’re drive them all mad
With your smile
Sly my joy and my pride
When the runaway train take you away
A part of me died
The years went by like the summer of love
So much changed in our lives

They’re too many scars deep under my skin
Love turned to hate and hate to love
Let’s start all over again
And now I wonder what life will bring
Just let us laugh
The tears away
No more hard feelings no
Because after all
You’re my flesh and blood
I don’t want you to fall