Scorpions — Gypsy Life

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Текст — Scorpions — Gypsy Life

Here I go again
Feels like once upon a time
But this is here and now
You can try to read my mind
Well, life has given me so much
And so much more
True Iove is hard to find

When you’re on the run
While all those years go by
The clock is ticking way too fast
And I just ask myself
What is going to be last
I’ve seen it all, but still
I’ve seen nothing yet at all
So I’m still looking for
Some diamonds and pearls
Bye-bye, girl
There’s a road I gotta find
Called the gypsy life
I miss that life
Like a good old friend

Well, friends they come and go
Some are here and some are gone
And when the sun goes down
I will walk this road alone
But now I´m here with you
And my heart is full of hope
That life will bring me back
Into your open arms
Bye-bye, girl
There’s a dream that’s still alive
It will take some time
A long, long time
Until I’m back again