Rush — I Think I’m Going Bald

Слушать — Rush — I Think I’m Going Bald

Текст — Rush — I Think I’m Going Bald

I looked in the mirror today
My eyes just didn’t seem so bright
I’ve lost a few more hairs
I think I’m going bald
I think I’m going bald!
Seems like only yesterday
We would sit and talk of dreams all night
Dreams of youth and simple truths
Now we’re all so involved

So involved with life
I walk down vanity fair
Memory lane everywhere
Wall Street shuffles there
Dressed in flowing hair
Go wild!
Once we loved the flowers
Now we ask the price of the land
Once we would take water

But now it must be wine
Now we’ve been
And now we’ve seen
What price peace of mind
Take a piece of my mind
My life is slipping away
I’m aging every day
But even when I am grey
I’ll still be grey my way