Roxy Music — Whirlwind

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Текст Roxy Music — Whirlwind

May Day, cut down to size again
What then, when less is more, my friend
I’ll change, let me start again
Disguise, it’s too weird to explain

Why, I’ll always call your name
Adieu with you, I could be anything
That I want to be

Whirlwind, wildfire and driving rain
Wheels spin, bowl me over hurricane
Whirlwind, crack your cheeks and blow me far, so far
How far is Shangri-la from here and is it this way?

There she blows, tear me down tornado
Whirlpool, drag me to the deeps below
Whirlwind, will a wildcat strike be tame?
Earthquake, shake me to my feet again

It’s crosswords, go you near
A fatal clue I fear
This case is closed
Elementally, my dear

Beware whirlwind
Whirl, whirlwind