Roxy Music — Prairie Rose

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Текст Roxy Music — Prairie Rose

(Texas) Oh that’s where I
It seems to me
(Texas) Lonesome star
Shine on
The big country
(Texas) With open skies
And you
For company
(Texas) Oh prairie rose
How happy
I should be
Hey hey You can take it from me
Hey hey I’ll be coming, you’ll see
Hey hey Oh what a state to be in
Hey hey You’re tantalising me
(Texas) I will compose
In fancy rhyme
Or just plain prose
(Texas) A song of praise
To you
Prairie rose
(Texas) Though I’m not sure
I can explain
Your strange allure
(Texas) Prairie rose —
A crown of thorns
A scented flower
Hey hey I’d better leave right away
Hey hey I can hear you calling me
Prairie rose