Robert Plant — Turnaround

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Текст Robert Plant — Turnaround

(Plant, Blunt, Martinez, Woodroffe)

Walk around my life
Keep your money in your hand
Look out where you’re heading mamma
Don’t go running blind
Shine lights and strut it out
Keep your ear right to the ground
Watch out for the strange cats
When the strange cats come around

Keep your eyes wide open
Hold your head up high
You are not a stranger here
So much changes inside
Hold your hand to hold you (?)
She would lend a helping hand
Do not turn your back on the lady
When the lady comes around

Don’t turn around
Just look away
Don’t turn around
Just look away

Dance down main street
If it’s safe to the stroll
You have time to look around
Saw a dame in the hole (?)
No one cares about the fool
Worth the fine of gold
His only chance to plan
When satan buys his soul