rainzzz, DempseyRollBoy — Maybe In Another Life…

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Текст rainzzz, DempseyRollBoy — Maybe In Another Life…

It didn’t work out this time, maybe it will in another life
No one can say we didn’t try our best, we put up a fight
I’ve missed you even when I was with you, how do I say goodbye?
I don’t know but now I know that sometimes it’s okay to cry

We was too close, we can even be friends
I’m not even sure if I’ll ever see you again
Im grateful that it happened, I’m sad that it had to end
Everything about you is magic, can’t get you outta my head

I remember talks we had underneath the stars
I remember when you drove to LA in your car
You came here to be with me, now we’re so far apart
I wish I could relive every moment from the start

I hope that you’ll never forget me
You’re the only person I’ve ever that accepts me
You’re the only person I’ve ever that just gets me
You’re the only girl I’ll ever love, I’m not pretendin’

Yeah, I still feel like our connection’s undeniable
Used to feel like you can’t trust me and I’m unreliable
I’m not sayin’ where your mind at isn’t justifiable
I’m just sayin’ that I’m different now, it’s verifiable

It takes everything in me not to pick my phone up and call
I live in regret cuz everything that happened is all my fault
I wanted to run away with you badly but now you’re gone
I wanted to give my name to you baby but now you’re gone

I should’ve treated you better, I wasn’t there when you needed me
You deserve the world, I still don’t think you know what you mean to me
Hard times made me stronger but they also depleted me
Long nights made me wonder if you still wanna be with me

Maybe in another life, maybe in another life
Under different circumstances I pray that we reunite
You met the the broken me, you’re over me, it’s killin’ me inside
Without you right here by my side, I know I’ll always live a lie