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Another Memory 2
In a world of my own

If you don’t remember, then you never truly existed, you drifted through life as a ghost
It’s hard to find meanin’ in nothin’, it’s hard to connect to this world when you don’t have a soul
You wear different faces around different people, you don’t know yourself ’cause you change ’em like clothes
You’re sad from beginning to end, just awaitin’ your death for your flesh to break down and then bones
I’ll be deleted, I don’t еven feel, I’m emotionless, now I’vе grown colder than steel
I keep to myself, I don’t let nothin’ out, I stitch my mouth shut so now my lips are sealed
Everyone treats me as if I’m not there like a voice in their head like I’m not even real
I put my guard up, got nothin’ but hard luck ’cause it didn’t matter, pain broke through my shield
I’ve come to the realization I’m fightin’ a battle that nobody ever can win
There ain’t no chance in hell, chance in hell, I mean it’s not even slim
Succumbing to shameful addictions, I’m finished, I’ve sinned, I can’t stomach the devil within
Ignorin’ my morals, I don’t give a fuck if the end of the day I just don’t wanna live