Raffi — Slow Day

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Текст Raffi — Slow Day

It’s a slow day, slow day,… scat…
It’s a …day, slow day in the neighbourhood

Clouds are hangin’ low…scat…
It’s a day dreamin’, doy o’dreamin’…scat

I’m like a 3-toed sloth, on a day oth
Content to hang around
With this hummalong song…scat

I’m away in a daydream, no cravin’ on my mind
Sweet sound on the radio, I feel so fine

I’m a cool kettle, in a fine fettle
Scattin’ down the avenue

[Piano solo]

Turtles out walkin’, all roud the town…
Slugs sliddin’, no bunnies hoppin’…
On this slow day, slow day, slow day in the neighbourhood
It’s such a … slow day in the neighbourhood
Slow day in the neighbourhood