Radiohead — Million Dollar Question

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Текст Radiohead — Million Dollar Question

[Verse 1]
Was always waiting for the crush
The car to drive right through the shops
To call in sick and late at work
And take a holiday

[Verse 2]
Was always tangled up in knots
To keep myself from speaking up
But no-one’s listening anyway
They’re just trying to bribe me

And if it’s alright, then what am I doing here?
And if it’s alright, this place is gassed by fear
And if it’s alright, I’ll tell you, ’cause you never understand
And if it’s alright, I’ll beg you, ’cause I’m a begging kind of man

[Verse 3]
Today I wrote a bad cheque
Packed a bag and took a jet
But no-one’s looking anyway
I hope they miss me

I just think maybe I’m making a mistake