Rabbit Junk — Beating Track

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Текст Rabbit Junk — Beating Track

You know that if we go off the beaten track
You know that if we go, we won’t be back

To stay or go
A little bitch of a question
A token of my affection
For this little complication
I jingle it like trinket
No need to dwell on it

I just hang it around my neck and forget
No plan, no sweat, I ante up on this bet
Win this battle but lose the war, like Tet
Want what you cannot get

Break out of this net

Don’t mind if I do
Because I’m feeling through
With being what you expect
With being predictable — uh oh

I love a taboo
So true
But if you break every rule
You just become another tool
But at least you’re the sharpest in the shed ’cause
You’re brand fucking new
I saw her face in the street light
And I knew that she had seen my eyes
A puddle of waste floating down on this business
Hagahahahagahahaha present day obsession
I kick straight on to check it
No need to go catch it
So it’s now or never no way no how

It just won’t fit

I’m in a dilemma
Because I can’t remember
I’m supposed to be here today
I’m just a minor character in this play